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Quick Forms Version 5 Released
The lastest version of Quick Forms, the leading law enforcement and records management system has been released. The lastest version sports a new streamlined interface, advanced sorting and searching features, multi-agency integration and data sharing, and electronic prosecution.
Monroe County, Michigan police agencies moving to Quick Forms
Police agencies in Monroe County, Michigan are preparing to move to the Quick Forms product. Training is underway and agencies will be brought online during the month of January, 2008.

Quick Forms

Quick Forms is a Law Enforcement Report Writing and Records Management System based on the Microsoft SQL Server and Vistual Studio platforms. Quick Forms is scalable from a single small agency to multiple large agencies and introduces electronic prosecution, with bidirectional communication between prosecutors and law enforcement.

Quick Forms has a reliable and proven track record in the field, in use for over 10 years by law enforcement.

Supervisor Tools

Supervisor Tools is a collection of management tools for Law Enforcement. It includes the ability to schedule personnel, produce car sheets for dispatch, track leave days, perform and track internal investigations, and much more.

Supervisor Tools is based on the Microsoft SQL Server and Visual Studio platforms, allowing maximum compatibility and reliability with existing computer infrastructure.

Custom software solutions for your office

Walk through any office and you can find a way to automate many of the record keeping functions that people are still doing by hand. We can help by providing you an electronic way to capture, organize, and print that data. From creating a simple Microsoft Access database to authoring a full-blown multi-user program. We can even assist by providing instruction and consultation on your data project if you would like to try your hand at doing it yourself but just need some guidance to get you started. We can even help you if you have started a project and need assistance with just certain parts, such as queries or reports.

We will happily assist you with those small projects where finding a little help can be difficult.